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Blue Morpho is committed to offering a unique holistic facial experience that embraces an individual's emotional and spiritual well-being.  Our facials are centered around physical and mental health using all certified organic and botanical skincare to awaken your inner glow.  Living botanicals will morph your skin to reveal a youthful and luminous complexion.  Our goal is to provide a deeply personal experience through a holistic facial that truly heals and nurtures with loving hands. We use the absolute highest quality organic ingredients, never compromising.

I am a purist and perfectionist by nature. Ingredients matter. Every single one...
— Kate


 Partnering Brands Promise

Blue Morpho Skinspa has personal standards for purity, efficacy, quality and integrity in all our partnering brands. Here is a specific list of our very high skinspa criteria.    

1) No water, alcohol or fillers in anything.

2) Percentage of organic whole plants must be drastically higher than the industry norm:  90% or higher is preferred.  Standard conventionally grown ingredients are not accepted.

3) No outside manufacturing.  All Blue Morpho Skinspa brands are made by each individual brand in-house.

4) Ingredients must be from very high quality sources; simply being organic is not enough for us.  Ingredients must be raw, unrefined and from reputable farms.

5) When Skinspa Brands need to use preservatives and emulsifiers, they must be well outside of what is commercially accepted in the green beauty industry.  We do not accept any "toxic naturals," examples: Vegetable Wax, Honeysuckle Extract, etc.

6) Skinspa Brands must have their own unique story and be made by talented artisans who truly have our clients' skin and health as their very top priority.



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